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How is My Driving

Feel free to tell me how I'm doing you know you want to.
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Matt was hyper aware of everything going on in Hell's Kitchen down to knowing where every last rat was at any given time. So when an unknown person entered what he knew to be an empty warehouse, Matt followed them. He was on edge because of Fisk and he believed it was better to be safe then sorry. He leaped from roof top to roof top until he reached the right building. The man had a distinct smell of metal and fear and it was practically screaming "I'M RIGHT HERE"

Sliding into the building through an upper window, Matt padded down to the main floor of the former workshop on silent feet. He followed the scent to one of the smaller rooms and stopped dead. He couldn't be sensing what he was sensing it wasn't possible. He waited hoping the man would speak first and Matt could ask him the foremost question on his mind. "Why?"
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Matt would realize later he smelled the portal before it opened. He was still getting used to how his hyper senses worked. He dashed out of his office and raced to the room he'd had blocked off after Harry and Jesse and the others had been pulled through it. It had hurt to do, but Harry had made it clear that he didn't want Zoom following them and Matt had done what he had to do to. He missed Jesse every and he freely admitted he was in over his head trying to keep STAR afloat without Harry.

He flung open the door to the portal room as three people came stumbling through. Two he knew, Harry and Jesse...the third was completely new but he was running forward to grab Jesse and Harry into hard hugs. "Oh my God," he said.
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Matt knew he shouldn't have been sneaking around the Victors Village. It was stupid and risky, but he was hungry and the last time he'd managed to get away with a whole loaf of fresh bread. He ducked under the window sniffing the air and listening hard for trouble. He knew he was risking a lot just to eat, but it wasn't like there was much more a blind guy could do without signing up for more chances and Matt liked living too much to be early canon fodder for the Games. He reached up to the window sill and started to lift and twist himself into the window. The Victor who lived here was old and would never notice him taking a little bit more food.
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Matt was furious, a deep burning anger that in a lesser man might had led to an awkward situation for people at the funeral. But he was back and Thea and Laurel's apartment on the couch and trying to sooth his upset girlfriend while resisting the urge to punch said girlfriend idiot brother in the face. He rested his chin on Thea's hair and breathed in her perfume."We don't have to stay here any longer you need to,"he muttered softly, "I know this is hard."
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"Lila Barton Murdock," Matt warned his daughter as he reached out to scoop her up.The little girl giggled as her dad tickled her. "I know you snuck a cupcake I can smell it." "Papa give," the three year old insisted as she wiggled in her Dadda's arms, Matt chuckled as he gentle turned the giggling little girl upside down. "Clint," he says walking into the kitchen,"babe are you feeding our daughter sugar before dinner again?" 
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Your name or online alias: Jackie
Your email:
Another preferred means of contact: Purk: captain_flyboy

Character's Full Name: Matt Murdock

Character's Canon: Daredevil (Netflix version)

Character's Canon Point:
Directly post Ben Urich's funeral during 1X13: Daredevil

Character's Journal Name
: [personal profile] blind_devil 

What would you like your character's tag to be?: matt murdock

Character's background (their past and present):

Matt Murdock grew up in Hell's Kitchen the son of Jack "Battling" Murdock a washed up boxer who was living hand to mouth losing fixed fights for a low level New York mobster. When Matt was nine years old, he was walking across the street with a blind older gentleman. He noticed a truck was racing toward them and pushed the old man out of the way as the truck swerved to avoid them. This caused the truck's cargo of radioactive waste to hit the street and some got splashed in Matt's face rendering him completely blind.  It also gifted the young boy with superhuman senses.

As Matt struggled to learn how to deal with his new abilities, Jack's financial situation worsened and he agreed to throw a fight with Carl Creel in order to ease the strain. But Jack began to realize that his son deserved a father who fought for what was right and instead of throwing the fight, he bet on himself to win and did. The mobster he worked for then had Jack killed and Matt became a ward of St. Agnes Orphanage.

As he grew up, Matt tried to live by the rules his father set him. Don't fight and use your smarts to become a lawyer or a doctor. Matt chose the law, believing he could fight corruption in his city by being fair and helping those who could not help himself. The not fighting part was a little harder to follow as Matt was taken under the wing of a blind man named Stick who trained Matt to fight in a war that Matt ended up wanting no part of. The two parted ways, but Matt never forgot the lessons of honor and strength Stick taught him.

He began to realize that fighting corruption using just the law wasn't going to work and he created the hero persona eventual called "The Man in Black" by those he fought. This brought him into conflict with Wilson Fisk who was attempting to take over Hell's Kitchen using intimidation, bribes and murder to get his way.  The two men clashed several times resulting in Matt nearly being beaten to death and two of his friends dead by Fisk's hands.

Character's personality:

Matt was raised Catholic and even though he doesn't regularly attend church his faith informs every aspect of his life. He always does the right then and looks out for those who cannot or will not look out for themselves. He is stubborn to a fault, but always willing to listen and take suggestions when he knows he needs help. He knows that what he does at night is dangerous, but Matt believes other people's lives are much more important then his own and he's willing to risk everything in pursuit of a goal. 

Matt is a very moral person, he sees the world in black and white and believes that most of the rest of the world does too. To him bad guys are bad, good guys are good and innocent people deserve to be protected. It pisses him off to no end when people don't see the world the same way he does, but he never tries to push his thoughts and opinions on people. He will however lose his temper with his loved ones when they are doing something dangerous without feeling guilty about it later.

He also feels loss and pain deeply. He agonizes over his every failure and mourns to the point of tears when someone he cares about dies. Matt questions almost every day if running his own law firm and trying to save the world as Daredevil is the right thing to do or if he's better off working as a partner in some larger firm. Matt is very charming and while he enjoys having company, he also understands that the danger in his life makes a steady relationship isn't possible., but that doesn't stop him from hoping he'll find someone to share his life one day.

Character's skills/abilities/powers:

Matt's accident left him with super human senses he can hear at much higher levels then a normal human to the point that he can hear skips in heartbeats to know when someone is lying and when sound bounces off an object Matt can briefly "see" said object or person. He also can smell and taste individual elements in the air or in food and his sense of touch is so acute he can "read" print with his fingers when he so chooses.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.: Matt will be bringing nothing with him but his cane and whatever he has in his pockets, his Daredevil armor and weapons will remain at home.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?: No
If you answered yes above, briefly summarize how they were changed by and what challenges they faced in the climate of their previous game(s): N/A

Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them:

Matt is one of the most moral of the Marvel heroes and I love that about him.  He isn't afraid to stick up for what is right and stand toe to toe with more powerful people when he knows they are wrong. He also is one of the more emotional heroes. He feels and you can see it in his every action and expression, he is also one of the few heroes to see the value in having friends who know what he does and can support and encourage him when he is feeling low.

In terms of what I am going to do with him in Ten Forward, Matt is going to discover very quickly he has an emotional connection to Thea Queen and become a good friend to her. He is also going to be suffering from a bit of PTSD given recent canon events before he arrived. He's going to take this chance and use it to try and be a normal blind person for a while if that is even possible. He'll worry about his friends back home, but he'll also start to enjoy the experience of being in space and meeting new people.

Writing Sample
Writing Sample #2 (optional):

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Matt lives in a very violent section of New York City and he's willing to do whatever needs to be done to protect it. If you aren't sure how Matt would react to something comment here to check.
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Want to do something with Matt contact me via DM or comment  here and we can plot something out!

Other ways to contact me:

Plurk: captain_flyboy

AIM: doctor_wells

Twitter: Jania28
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 Matt moved around his apartment like he knew where everything was which in a sense he did. He knew Clint was going to be back from training soon and would want dinner. Then the plan was to patrol the Kitchen and see where the night took them. He heard the door open and called out. "Hey birdman you are actually early...please tell me the tower didn't blow up." 

Voice Mail

Apr. 9th, 2015 01:19 pm
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This is Matt I'm not home leave a message after the beep.

Message mun or muse here.


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