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Name:Matt Murdock [Daredevil]
Birthdate:Jun 16
Location:New York, United States of America
Name: Matt Murdock aka Daredevil
Fandom: Daredevil
Played by: Charlie Cooper

Contact Post:


Matt Murdock grew up in Hell's Kitchen the son of Jack "Battling" Murdock a washed up boxer who was living hand to mouth losing fixed fights for a low level New York mobster. When Matt was nine years old, he was walking across the street with a blind older gentleman. He noticed a truck was racing toward them and pushed the old man out of the way as the truck swerved to avoid them. This caused the truck's cargo of radioactive waste to hit the street and some got splashed in Matt's face rendering him completely blind. It also gifted the young boy with superhuman senses.

As Matt struggled to learn how to deal with his new abilities, Jack's financial situation worsened and he agreed to throw a fight with Carl Creel in order to ease the strain. But Jack began to realize that his son deserved a father who fought for what was right and instead of throwing the fight, he bet on himself to win and did. The mobster he worked for then had Jack killed and Matt became a ward of St. Agnes Orphanage.

As he grew up, Matt tried to live by the rules his father set him. Don't fight and use your smarts to become a lawyer or a doctor. Matt chose the law, believing he could fight corruption in his city by being fair and helping those who could not help himself. The not fighting part was a little harder to follow as Matt was taken under the wing of a blind man named Stick who trained Matt to fight in a war that Matt ended up wanting no part of. The two parted ways, but Matt never forgot the lessons of honor and strength Stick taught him.

He began to realize that fighting corruption using just the law wasn't going to work and he created the hero persona eventual called "The Man in Black" by those he fought. This brought him into conflict with Wilson Fisk who was attempting to take over Hell's Kitchen using intimidation, bribes and murder to get his way. The two men clashed several times resulting in Matt nearly being beaten to death and two of his friends dead by Fisk's hands.


Matt was raised Catholic and even though he doesn't regularly attend church his faith informs every aspect of his life. He always does the right then and looks out for those who cannot or will not look out for themselves. He is stubborn to a fault, but always willing to listen and take suggestions when he knows he needs help. He knows that what he does at night is dangerous, but Matt believes other people's lives are much more important then his own and he's willing to risk everything in pursuit of a goal.

Matt is a very moral person, he sees the world in black and white and believes that most of the rest of the world does too. To him bad guys are bad, good guys are good and innocent people deserve to be protected. It pisses him off to no end when people don't see the world the same way he does, but he never tries to push his thoughts and opinions on people. He will however lose his temper with his loved ones when they are doing something dangerous without feeling guilty about it later.

He also feels loss and pain deeply. He agonizes over his every failure and mourns to the point of tears when someone he cares about dies. Matt questions almost every day if running his own law firm and trying to save the world as Daredevil is the right thing to do or if he's better off working as a partner in some larger firm. Matt is very charming and while he enjoys having company, he also understands that the danger in his life makes a steady relationship isn't possible., but that doesn't stop him from hoping he'll find someone to share his life one day.


Matt's accident left him with super human senses he can hear at much higher levels then a normal human to the point that he can hear skips in heartbeats to know when someone is lying and when sound bounces off an object Matt can briefly "see" said object or person. He also can smell and taste individual elements in the air or in food and his sense of touch is so acute he can "read" print with his fingers when he so chooses.

"This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at [community profile] ten_fwd I am not Matt Murdock, who is the property of Stan Lee, Drew Goddard and Bill Everett. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made."
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